What Makes Gold Goat Energy CBD Special?

  What makes Gold Goat Energy special doesn't just boil down to one point. That said, the most important part of the puzzle is absolutely our flagship beverage, our World 's FIRST and ONLY CBD Gold Goat Energy Drink! We beat the major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Monster, Red Bull, and every other beverage company to market with this concept. How did we accomplish this? Simply put, we have an innate ability to recognize market trends and our structure allows us to develop new products and bring them to the consumer with very fasturn-around time, as Gold Goat doesn't have a complicated corporate process with significant red tape to navigate through.

  We also have key points of manufacturing outsourced, which keeps our moving parts to a minimum. This results in less supplchain issues when compared to beverage companies with in-house manufacturing. All of our marketing and graphic design is handled internally and we work directly with our beverage formulation team in order to bring high-quality products to market in streamlined time frames. This allows us more time and energy to make sure we are giving consumers what they wantand not just what we think they might want.

 Another important point to note is that Gold Goat whilbeing able to push major volumes, is run by a tight-knit group of like-minded individuals utilizing a grassroots-level, small business mentality and approach. We have found that this operating style works efficiently, effectively, and ensures a high degree of personal care to our customers and resellers alike.

Some key points about our product:

  • World's FIRST and ONLY CBD-Infused Energy Drink
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Ha/al-Approved - (HCA 368)
  • ISO Certified - (CHI6112S8)
  • HACCP Certified - (VNI6100126)
  • USA FDA Registration - (19019107444) 

Gold Goat Energy North East

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